Requirements to Qualify For Auto Title Loan

car title loansCan’t get a loan? Focusing on how to avoid financial stumbles without any assistance? Are you are feeling down because bad credit or low pay is causing you to face rejection at every end? Relax, auto title loans maybe your window of opportunity. Avail your vehicle in your time of need and assure yourself a loan without the repercussions and implications of traditional loans. How do you qualify for this loan? Here are some things that you might want to remember.

A vehicle:

If you have a car then auto title loan companies can solve your problem without any hitch. If you are wondering or formulating the set of requirements that you might or might not fulfill then you can put your mind at ease. Title loans have little to no requirements. All you need is the possession of a vehicle, a car with even a value as low as $5200 can qualify you for this loan.


Contact an established company:

If you have never gotten a title loan then contact any established company via email or ring them up to know more details. Tell them the gist of your situation, no need to go in depth about your bad credit histories. Auto title loan companies are not bothered by your credit card status. All you have to do is to fill out a form (provided on most of the companies’ websites) detailing the make, model etc of your car and you will receive a call from the company the very same day, the very same hour.

The necessary documents:

Keep the necessary documents at hand and there won’t be any problem. You need to possess the following to be able to apply for this loan.

  • A California driver’s license
  • Title to your car
  • Insurance papers of the vehicle

You can fax these details to any auto title loan company and they will approve your loan in a matter of minutes. The payment can be handed to you in person if you visit their office or if you are otherwise engaged usually a representative of the company will drop by and give you the equity amount in the form of a check.

That’s it!

If you are scrolling down, looking for more instructions thinking to yourself that “there’s got be more!” then you are mistaken. The process is just that transparent and simple. There are many renowned auto title companies that will help you in your time of financial calamity. Auto title loans are a blessing to people who have suffered a sudden financial downslide. It is an excellent way to keep you afloat and going till you reach the mark of financial stability once more.

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