Reasons To Opt For Auto Title Loans

auto title loansIn times of economic setbacks it is particularly hard to get loans especially if you have a spotty credit history. You could make the local bank your second home and still the chances of you getting a loan are pretty slim.

Things like credit history, assets and high ranging interests come into play and that too, after a long run. The trouble with financial institutions is not only the high interest rate; but also the strict conditions. Why not opt for auto title loans? They are simpler, quicker and secure. The only thing you require is a vehicle of any kind.


Like the speed of light:

Your vehicle can be of a value as low as $5,200 and you will still qualify for a loan. Your loan will be stamped approved in less than 15 minutes! And the cash will make its way into your hands within the day. You can also get a loan up to $30,000; the state’s maximum limit.

 Your car is you financial hero:

Auto title loans only require the title of the vehicle to be transferred in the name of the lender but that does not imply that they will take away your means of transport. No, it gets better because you get the loan that is an equivalent to the value of your car but you also get to keep your car. There are no hidden clauses, no higher interests that might cause you future panic.

Your credit history is not part of the story:

Auto title loan companies are only interested in your car and its value against which they will be lending you the money. Whether you have an erratic expenditure history or a credit history of nil, it has no impact whatsoever on your loan. Your credit stays out of the proceedings and plays no part in getting you this loan.

Who to trust?

If you have never heard of auto title loans, do not make it a basis for suspicion.  There are many reliable and trustworthy firms who also have online websites to cater to customers with the utmost ease. You can fill an online form, detailing the particulars of your car and presto! Your loan has been approved. There are firms who give you the comfort of providing an agent come over to your house and after the evaluation of your car hand over an equity amount in the form of a check.

There are many established firms, like Title Loans Los Angeles.  We have been a customer pleaser for the past eleven years and can be your choice when it comes to doing business. They have a long and credible history with a great customer satisfaction record to boot.

Whether your financial calamity is big or small, title loans maybe the right answer for you.

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