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How many times have you come across this dilemma, where you were in a fix financially and a loan could have made things easier for you? But, a bad or zero credit history ruined your chances of getting a loan approved from any bank and even when and if you got it, was that even enough? Not to mention the interest that was put on that loan. Loans can leech away your every last penny with all the interest payments and what not. Loan payments are full of traps and you might end up getting exploited. Don’t end up bargaining for more than you can handle. We understand your concerns and that’s why we here at Title Loans Los Angeles, don’t care about your credit history and offer great financial solutions. We are here to tell you why title loans vs. payday loans are better.

Car Title Loans Los Angeles

Owning a car could be the answer to your financial prayers!

Things aren’t exactly “peachy” when it comes to economics. The country is parading in inflation and financial issues. Getting loans with a bad credit history is nothing short of a miracle. Even if you mange to procure funds from financial institutions (this is a big IF) the balance and heavy handed interest payment could well be the wreath on your finances. This is where we come in; we have the solution to your financial predicament. Auto title loans are an easy option for anyone and all you need is a car or any form of four wheel transportation. It could be trucks, wagons or anything that you are currently driving or using.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this!

Now, don’t go jumping out of your seat yet! We are not planning to take away your means of transport. You merely have to offer your car in as collateral but, you would still keep it. The beauty of car title loans is that you are still pretty much the owner of your car. True, in essence the car is in the company’s name but you need not worry as you can easily payoff your loan at your choice of interest! Yes, now would be the time to jump in your seat.  If you are having a hard time believing this great solution you can always give as a call to get detailed information on how these things work.


car title loans

Keeping it plain and transparent.

Don’t worry we won’t hand you a crossword puzzle worth of instructions to make matters complex for you. Our job is to keep it clear, transparent and simple. With Title Loans Los Angeles, it is different. The repayment option is never complex, there are no hidden clauses. You can pay off the amount of the loan and any interest just by complying with the repayment method you are provided with. The best part is you won’t go grey and old trying to pay off a loan!

Value is not an issue

Now don’t go thinking that your car’s so run down how can you get a good deal off of it? We offer loans against cars with a miniscule value of $5,200! If you’re a student and need to pay your tuition even you can get this loan approved in less than 15 minutes. we provide you with adetailed” know how” of title loan quotes and how you can get a title loan for your car, truck or any other vehicle at what values and rates.

Year of CarMake of CarModelTrimTypical Loan Amount
Year of CarMake of CarModelTrimTypical Loan Amount
2009FordFocusSE Sedan$6,000-$7,000
2002BMW330i4D Sedan$4,500-$5,400

We don’t delve in to the past

It is unimportant to us how much you blew away in Vegas or misspent in the mall or how erratic you expenses have been. We don’t care if you are a shopaholic or that you have a credit bill that could put Paris Hilton to shame.  All we care about is the value of your car, assessing that and providing you with the loan you currently require. Whether your credit history is bad or even zero is irrelevant to us and that is why we won’t delve into financial histories that might make you uncomfortable.

All we ask is regularity:

Once your loan is approved it is up to you how you plan to return it. However, we do ask you to be regular with your monthly installments; this is off course for your benefit so that you don’t have to suffer any possible ramifications. We even encourage advance payments to prevent any hassles for you. If you keep to the clock about this matter you will be able to pay off your loan within no time. If you feel at any time you are going to miss apyment give us a call and we will be more than happy to adjust your payment schedule based off your new needs and availability of funds.

We are seconds away:

We are a company that takes pride in providing an all round service. Your satisfaction is our goal. We aim to make you financial dreams a reality. We have experts to answer your questions and to assist you swiftly and efficiently.  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home for your payment. We can even send someone over to assess the value of your vehicle. Our processing time is just 15 minutes! And within the day you can have the cash in your hand and ready to be utilized. For information and details you can contact us at 323-438-1474.


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